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Cool.  Could you post sign up info here, too?

Noah Darco:
Hi Charles,

Chef Keith and I are getting the course ready to go live in the next day or two.

In the meantime, if you go to

you can join our email list to get a discount code and free mini-course.

Signup details will also be posted on the forum as soon as the course goes live.

I've been hearing about this on the Harvest Eating podcast.  I think it sounds great.  Thanks for posting the link as I keep missing it on the podcast!

Hey Charles,

Thanks for your interest in our course and for being a listener of Harvest Eating Podcast. I have been a bit slammed of late producing video content for the course so I have not recorded as many podcasts  as a 2 week vacation...(almost over) Boy am I stuffed...just finished Fondue at Omi's....ugghhh

In the coming weeks I will be back doing regular podcasts, at least 1 per week....but I will still be super busy creating new recipes for FSF, and videos too....of which I have a ton in the queue...including some nice ethnic dishes for rice, and some curries etc.

Anyhow...thanks again..I appreciate you!

Chef Keith Snow
PS  I think I will be on TSP for the full show on or around 1/11/17 talking about this course....!

You're a good man, Keith.  I'm excited about the material in this course.  As long as I get my wife's blessing we're in (and she enjoys listening to you, too)!


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