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Where did all the Missouri people go?

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I wonder if a lot of people haven't noticed the regional boards. I just found them today. This forum is huge! Looks like most of the action was going on in Springfield. I could maybe make it out that way a few times a year. But I'm on the very East edge of the Southeast section. So if no one's interested in reviving Region 6, I may go hang out with the Region 7 group. :P


I think a lot of people never check out the regional boards. I know I forget about them frequently. I am located pretty far from Springfield in north central outside of Macon. I think it would be better if we could start setting up regional get togethers etc..

I agree. I'm right where five states it's not easy finding people by regions. Luckily there's a Permaculture group in my area to interact with. I think there's under 10 of us. Just thought it would be neat to invite some more people from the Prepper spectrum.

I think I'm the only Ant in the Northwest corner : )

Jeff City here


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