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Mr. Bill:
Each of the Regional Boards has its own child board for Meet & Greet Information.  This is the place to look if you want to organize or attend a meetup with other TSP Forum members in your area.

Region One Meet & Greet Information

All the Meet & Greet boards are off-limits to unregistered guests, and to new members until they've made a few posts.  We hope this will help to keep unwelcome people from attending your meetup.

If you're new here, and you can't see the Meet & Greet boards, just participate a bit, and you'll get access. :)

I would be interested in some working meet and greets. I have found that it is easier to do tasks when there are others around you to help. Not really sure how well this would work, maybe if we created a group of 6-10 preppers, met consistently and met on a rotating basis at different homes, we could all work on whatever project that home need to do for their prep. Sometimes we could maybe bring our materials and prep together. This would work good for a project like creating first aid kits. We could bulk order supplies, meet, divide them up, and create our kits. This would also allow us to share, teach and learn skills.

This could also lead to doing group buys if the group was amenable.

If the group is geographically close to each other this would also help us build our own "network" of assistance. I'm thinking of less than SHTF situations.

I am in Westford, Ma if this sounds good to any of you, email me at

We have a group going that has members from all over the region. They meet once a month at my home in western Mass.  PM me if anyone is interested in learning more.

 I just found the Region One boards (sometimes I can be a little technologically challenged ;D.) So I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm currently live in Central Maine. I'm 25 and I've kind of been into preparedness for awhile now; however I suffered from the dreaded disease of analysis paralysis. It took my husband losing his job to get my butt in gear, and now we've been working hard to get to where we knew we should have been all along. If that makes any sense. ???
 We had about four months of food stored, however my sister and her family just moved in; so that was gone in a blink of an eye. Now we're trying to catch up as soon as we can.

Where are you located in centeral Maine?? I am in Oxford county myself.


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