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--- Quote from: jchiar on October 13, 2015, 02:03:07 PM ---Anyone found a way or method of creating electronic documents and printing to small portable notebook size documents?

Anyone try using Waterproof Ink-Jet Paper from Rite in the Rain? I use their small notebooks for notes, but i want to work with something editable

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I'm not sure what your asking?? You can easily create PDF files in Openoffice or Libre (both are free office suites). Then you can print them out with any booklet printer that handles PDFs. I use a software package thats no longer being marketed. There are other choices like PdfBooklet 3, BookletCreator, ClickBook and similar. You can often make small format booklets by being creative with the print options in your word processing software (change paper size and orientation, play with column settings). For water resistance in general laser is better than ink-jet. though there are many methods that work to enhance the water resistance of ink on paper. When I was single and living aboard my boat, I used spray on clear coat to seal my important papers. I now have a thermal lamination machine that works well (bought it at Sam's club along with a box of laminating sheets). I was happy using the clear coat but wifey wanted to "laminate" (yes she gets what she wants :O ). If you just want to create electronic documents two quick ways: 1) scan the paper documents into a computer and then create a PDF file or 2) use a digital camera to take a picture of the item and store it in a common high resolution format. Hope this helps.


This is something that I have overlooked as of recent and have to review and update.


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