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What State are you from in our Region?

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Patriot:Ex Machina:
Randolph Co. NC here.

Haywood County - Gateway to the Smokies.

I am just south of Jacksonville Fl. going on five years now, but I can't wait to move back to Co. or Wy. and very soon.

Florida 'tween Orlando And Daytona Beach
Born and raised
Ready to head for the hills, though!
When I was growin' up this was the south, ain't no more.
Too many damnyankees here now(I even married one, shhh don't tell)lol
I really love southwestern VA, but land prices are a bit high there.
Gotta love FL's year round growing season,
I'd hate to leave that.
Anyway, Howdy y'all

West Tennessee here.


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