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What State are you from in our Region?

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I am for now in Montgomery County, TN. Just had a permaculture class at my house not too long ago.

Hickory NC  Catawba Couny

Lancaster, KY checking in. 

Brand new MSB member to the forum, thank you to all with green thumbs that are willing to share. I had a brown thumb until I created my first hugelkulture bed this year to fight the drought periods and poor clay soil in the corner of my property. I have comfrey, basil, rosemary, peach, sage growing on it. I only lost one sage plant. Plan to build a second this winter. I have a 300 gal water storage from roof and the hugel is down hill so I use gravity if I need to water it.

any one out there close to north alabama?

18C Troll:
I just moved to Raleigh North Carolina.


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