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Portland OR forecast for Saturday 8/17/19: dueling far-right vs antifa

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I won't be going, due to lack of interest...... ;D

I’ll be watching for Antifa black shirt fascists overflowing past Sylvan Hill.

It is hilarious that Portland Mayor is calling on other State LEAs to assist when the mayor told his own police force to stand down last time. He just wants more company in the dog house so Gov. Brown will back him up more in the press.

Maybe the Feds will finally classify Antifa as a terrorist organization and start stomping on them. I’m sure they are sick of the Mayor letting Antifa terrorize federal employees at the downtown Federal Bldg. 


--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on August 13, 2019, 03:37:39 PM ---The rally is organized by Joe Biggs and is called "End to Domestic Terrorism".

Article from last week (8/8) in The Oregonian: Mixed messages, mounting tensions as Proud Boys and antifa prepare to face off in Portland

--- End quote ---

I don’t have the impression that Joe Biggs or the proud boys consider themselves to be white supremasts or that they call for violence. That is just my impression. I’ve heard a little about them but I don’t follow every new detail or development in what is going on
I did hear one time that they where attacked by antifa and when they fought back they where arrested. I do get the impression that antifa gets away with a lot of things

I do see that there is much out there on the proud boys but it seems a lot of it comes from other sources than themselves,. There are also black and Latino members but the media is still trying say it is a white supremist group . On the other hand they say every one is white supermist. Unless you want to strangle trump with your bare hands then you are white superemist

Well there are these articles that try to paint the proud boys as a violent gang. Wikipedia also says Gavin McGinnis has repeatedly called for political violence. I’m not aware of that and a google search of him does not pull up any glaring examples and neither does a search of joe Biggs. I could be missing some but I haven’t seen that

David in MN:
This is being laughed at and glossed over but I see it as a major concern. Both clips contain foul language.

First note that ANTIFA has developed the "black block" strategy where they assault someone and then slink back into the crowd anonymously. Andy Ngo is attacked.

Then we see "Patriot Front" stage a protest of some kind of communist book shop (if I got the story right). Watch the video and they are pretty good at scaring people. More important they know how to stand and even have a planned procedure to clear the area which is very organized.

Unfortunately both sides are adapting strategic cohesive fighting strategies. These "protests" are nothing but planned assaults. I wouldn't go near either. But maybe it helps to recognize their formulas. Be safe if in the area.


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