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Portland OR forecast for Saturday 8/17/19: dueling far-right vs antifa

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There has been a lot of chatter recently among Oath Keepers.  Apparently the recent shooter at the ICE facility in San Antonio Texas was another John Brown/Redneck Revolt member.  This makes four such attacks.   In response Oath Keepers leadership sent out the following: "All Oath Keepers, get your gear ready and prepare to defend ICE and CBP offices and facilities nationwide.  You should expect more far left terrorism."   Reports are they are 'more than prepared' to confront JB/RR in both Portland this weekend and El Paso on Sept. 1.

If you cherish your health, stay away from these events!

I took care of business on the west side of the river early so I can avoid getting close to the mayhem this weekend.

I have to be on the East side Sat morning. Hoping no violence or protesters spills over into the freeways like they have before, or Rose qtr.

Just yesterday a friend narrowly avoided a shopping cart in the fast lane where a homeless camp is uphill from the Jersey barrier. Apparently they have to cross the three lanes of freeway 1-84 to get to and from their camp. So the “PORTLAND danger” is not just Antifa, but all sorts of homeless detritus spilling onto the freeways now.

Good news.  Oathkeepers reported they are pulling out.

Why is that good?


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