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1-d-1 (Open-Space) Agricultural Use Appraisal


Hey y'all. I bought two properties in Ag last year (2014). I completed the applications (Form 50-129) for both Denton County and Delta County Tax Appraisal District. Delta county didn't give me any issues but Denton did. My plan was to run livestock but I am new to the ag industry. My goal is regenerative agriculture principles.  I live on the Property in Denton County (Celina) and started with 5 ewes and 1 ram to grow the flock. Well to make a long story short I have been focusing on developing the Celina property but the Cooper Property has been taking a rest. I am low on time and money to run a flock of sheep in Cooper and now Delta County Tax Appraiser is trying to take my property out of ag (40 acres).  I have been a member of TSP community for a long time and need to reach out for help.

Does anyone know anyone up near Cooper Texas that utilizes regenerative agriculture techniques i.e. rotational / mob grazing that could lease the land?

Call Alford Echols at the ag exstention office and see if he has any leads

Thank you for the lead. I called Alford and he spoke with the tax appraiser. They said to just say you will hay it on 1-d-1 application. So I guess I need someone in the area to hay it. I will contact the local feed stores to see if they know someone who will  hay it and not use fertilizer. I also think I would need square bales instead of round bales because I just don't have the equipment to move round bales.



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