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Odin's Son:
I would like to tell yall about some places I have been in Arkansas that I think can help.  I would like to see other people post some schools, classes, stores, and any other resources that you know of here in the natural state.

I'll start us off with one place that I have taken several classes.  Sigma 3 Survival School.
      I have taken 3 classes there and my wife went with me to the last one.  It was great every time and we plan on going back.  They have a school in FL I think but I didn't really look into it since we are in AR.  I will answer any questions that I can but if you call or email them they will be extremely helpful!

Next is Celtic Combatives.  don't forget the dash, or you get to the wrong site.
     I am a little biased since I teach for this school but I think they do a fantastic job!  One of the two owners was my Sgt and even taught the sniper school I attended.  He is intense to say the least but his knowledge is amazingly vast.  Any questions please holler at me of contact the school via their respective sites. 

Thanks Yall!


I try to stay abreast of any and all training that I can find. Mostly in NWA

Sept 24, 2016 The LDS will have a preparedness expo in Bentonville

Seems like there was also one coming up real soon in Mountain Home but now I can not find that information.

Last is on going groups both of these are good, sane people.

In NWA they have a Fayetteville Preppers through Meetup, (I have been a member of this group since 2013 but of late have been unable to attend) They meet on Wednesday evening most every week. They have many knowledgeable people in their group and they believe in sharing that knowledge with all who are willing to learn. They have given talks and classes on going completely off grid, solar power, HAM radios, rabbits, chickens, container gardening, etc. Everyone is welcome. You can find more info

There is also a local militia starting up in NWA, the goal is to meet at least one a month for various training. Some of the training will be open to the public. The next training will be Tactical First Aid. The main group is State Wide Arkansas Spartans.

There are also a few other militia type groups in the area, some I know a lot about, some not so much

Ms. Albatross:
Hey farmnurse,

You're new!  Welcome.  We would love to hear a little about you.  We always recommend new folks go to the Front Porch to the Intro Thread and introduce yourself.  Thanks for great Arkansas Resources tips you provided.

Thanks for the welcome, just found this site a few days ago. One can never have too much information. I will go and introduce myself on the thread you mentioned. Thanks again


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