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Stuff to do in the Ft Worth area?

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Texas Motor Speedway is actually in Southlake, which is a little north of Ft. Worth. We're going to be there in a few weeks at a cub scout event. Can't help you any on the public ranges in that area, but I do have plenty of wheelguns. Most of mine are 4" or longer barrels, but I do have a couple of snubbies. If you find a range, I might be able to drive down with a few.  ;D I'm assuming you're probably most interested in .38/.357?

Edit: Send me a PM if you're interested, otherwise I'm apt to forget about this.


--- Quote from: theBINKYhunter on September 25, 2015, 11:41:25 AM ---Thanks guys.

We're going to be there Oct 3 - 10. I'm at a conference the 4th - 6th, and we're heading to Abilene on the 9th to stay the night there and see family, then we fly out on the 10th. So we have the 7th and 8th completely open and that Friday morning before we head to Abilene.

The state fair might be fun, I'll need to look into that.

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There's not "might" to the Texas State Fair! A Fletcher's Corny Dog and a ride on the Texas Star Ferris wheel.and you can be christened Texas State Fair veterans!


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