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Stuff to do in the Ft Worth area?

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Going to be in the Ft Worth area in early Oct with my wife. We'll have a free Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning while there and are looking for things to do. I've been looking online but figured I'd ask some of the locals what you like to do.

There are some museums that seem interesting, Panther Island seems like it might be a nice place to check out. What other things are worth looking into? We're up for almost anything... We were going to spend one day at Six Flags but my recent surgery has scrubbed that from the books :(

Dallas is 30 miles east of Ft Worth and the State Fair of Texas is in full swing beginning today and going through October 18th. I am not 100% sure I will get to it as I actually scheduled a trip back "home" and leave on Monday. Dallas Museum of Art has free general admission. There are drag Races at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday night (Ft Worth). I also hear the Fort Worth Stockyards demand a visit. We haven't been there yet. When will you be here?

Kimbell Art Museum
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

Thanks guys.

We're going to be there Oct 3 - 10. I'm at a conference the 4th - 6th, and we're heading to Abilene on the 9th to stay the night there and see family, then we fly out on the 10th. So we have the 7th and 8th completely open and that Friday morning before we head to Abilene.

The state fair might be fun, I'll need to look into that.

Oh, just thought about this:

Ranges that rent handguns. My wife wants to give revolvers a go and this would be the perfect time to try some out. Google brings up plenty, but are there any that you would recommend? If it's outdoor that's even better and we both prefer to not be indoors.


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