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Hey! We are currently in Dallas. Just got here. But hoping to move to Plano on August 1. Meeting with the realtor and homeowner tomorrow actually! Shoot me a PM and would love to meet up.

I made it... From milwaukee, Wisconsin to Plano Texas.

Been a rough road, but finally made it!

I am east of Plano near lake Lavon. Made it to good size of land, limited on help to get my food forest going. I am between Lavon and Royce City. Could be great location for plant nursery or some type of small farm business. Would like to find someone to partner with on start up. Got plenty of room to do sheep, ducks, goats. Already have acquired ton of mulch too.

Thanks for the warm welcome. 

--- Quote ---If you're into tech check out the Fry's Electronics
--- End quote ---

Ironically, I used to work at Fry's in San Diego for about 4 days while I was still in college.  A more lucrative job came by, which caused the very short employment duration. 


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