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My family and I are looking to move to Texas sometime in the near future (hopefully 2-3 months).  Does anyone here live in the Dallas region or East of Dallas?  What can you tell me about places like Scurry, Kaufman, Terrell, Ennis? The tech industry looks good there, at least from the job postings I see any thoughts on that or suggestions?    Any insights into employers?  Can you tell me what parts of Dallas are better to live in while we do a house and property search?  Thanks for any info you can provide. 


Good luck with your move.  We are about 2-2.5 hours from Dallas so I can't help with locations much.  But I love TX :).  We moved here about two years ago.  Just bought our farm property. 
What kind of tech job are you looking for?  I know that Motorola is in Dallas and they pay well with good benefits.

I've heard jack call Plano "Yuppieville"; I'd like to know myself, I am planning on moving this fall (which may fall though until next spring) and I don't know the area either.

Why the hesitation? It's hard to coordinate such a big move, My retired parents, my sisters and their families and my brother are making the move with me, my wife and kid.

I am currently a MRI test technician, but was until last year an instrument calibration/repair technician working on everything from Capacitor and Resistor Standards to LCR meters, to power amps and Arbs.

I heard Toyota was moving a plant to Plano, lots of jobs. Doing a Monster Search revealed nothing but temp jobs, but my wife found plenty of real jobs at and we are using to look for housing.

Any advice would be appriciated!  ;D


I am a Houstonian and don't know much about that particular area, but come on down!


     Hi everyone,

     Thanks for putting some comments here.  Busymom I am a Desktop Support technician with some networking and old server experience.  I fix peoples computer issues on a daily basis.  I see a lot of similar jobs at some of the hospitals in the Dallas area and I'm working at the University Washington Medical Center right now.  I'll look into Motorola as well so thanks for the tip. 
     Hi Rob, I've heard similar things about Plano.  Looking for apartments/duplex/house  near there, Rowlett,  or even Rockwall.  Keeping it open though and planning to get to a house hopefully before the end of the year.  I've been using Indeed and Zillow for a while.  I use for house searches as well.  I'll let you know what I find as we transition there. 
     Anyone who can give details about neighborhoods and towns around Dallas your input would be welcome. 



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