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Advice for learning to pick locks

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LOL.. I was just telling Z about this thread as I just saw it.. and he remarks..

[22:57:33] Z: did i tell you that the guy that gave us the llamas was a locksmith?
[22:57:39] Cedar: nope
[22:57:43] Z: he picked the lock on the tack room in the trailer
[22:58:03] Z: unclimatically, it was almost completely empty, except for the lug wrench
[22:58:18] Cedar: it was nice of him to do that
[22:58:26] Cedar: oh nice, mystery solved. At least it was not just an empty void. A wrench is good.
[22:58:43] Z: i mentioned that it was locked when i bought it and i didn't have a key, and he offered to pick it
[22:58:48] Cedar: lol
[22:59:42] Z: after "M" mentioned that he thought about bringing a set here (and my mentioning the gross illegality of even possessing them), only then did he mention that he was a locksmith


While lock picking (locksmithing, what every you want to call it) is a great skill to have, make sure you know your local laws regarding the tools of the trade.  For example, in TN, if you are not a licensed locksmith and you are in possession of locksmith (picking) tools, you go to jail.  Yup, don't need to be using them to commit a crime, just the fact that you have the tools to commit a crime makes you a criminal.

While the apparent intent of the law was to target people making money from from lock "picking" the poorly worded law, make the possession of picks by someone who is not licensed a FELONY!  I do not want to be the test case in this (and I have been told by several LEO friends and acquaintances that they know what the law was meant to do, but will enforce the letter of the law, meaning they would arrest someone for the possession of the tools only)

Unfortunately, TN appears to be the most strict about this.

Waiting in the Weeds:
Thanks for the legal update kckndrgn. Lucky for me it seems from your link that PA doesn't even care to make a law about picks.

I just took a lockpicking class at our local hacker-space.  Very knowledgeable fellow with many tools, he lectures nationally on the topic.  really knows his stuff.  The class is the last Saturday of the month for free!  The videos make it look easy, hands-on shows how difficult it is at first.  Practice, practice, practice.  The 10 year old girl next to me was cruising on the 5 pin lock, and the 60+ year old lady next to me looked like a pro, she said that playing piano and knitting helped her out.


--- Quote from: raveneye on January 22, 2013, 11:01:45 AM ---As one of my skills for 2013, I decided to add picking locks to the list.  Having gotten through the initial learning curve, I figured I would provide some feedback for anyone else who wanted to give it a try.
I hope this is helpful to others who are looking to get started on this skill.  Good luck.

--- End quote ---

Locksmithing is one of my 13 skills as well. Thanks for posting this, and including the information, as it has spurred me to start on this skill.


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