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Hello, all.  Just wanted to see who here was from Texas.  I imagine this will eventually lead to regional/state boards, but I thought I'd get this rolling.

If anyone in or coming to the Austin area, I'll be willing to meet up for a beer or whatever.  =-]

Didn't we just have lunch?

I am always up for food, beer, or hitting the range.

-- Jeremy

Well of course I am from Texas, for now.  One day I will be from Arkansas but in my heart I will always be Texan.

A Pawn:
From the rolling plains of West Texas...80 to 90 miles from anywhere that smacks of civilization. We don't even have a Starbucks! That is just cruel...but we do have a Sonic and Two..count'm TWO Dairy Queens!!! Eat your heart out...Hows it going fellow Texans?  8)

Dj Keebz:
Fellow Austinite here!  ;D


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