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Are airguns any good for self defense? real or psychological?

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   I just joined the forum and this is my first post. I chose this thread because I have thought a lot about this very question as an airgun may be the route I have to go as a projectile base home/self defense tool.
   My opinion on this question is yes an airgun can be a usable and effective tool for home defense. If a firearm (powderburner) is not an option then the APPROPRIATE  airgun can be a viable alternative. Not just should your airgun choice be appropriate but the pellets you use need to be chosen for this purpose.
  Here is what I mean by appropriate.
  Power: take the smallest firearm caliber effective (not optimal, airgun are not an optimal choice for home/self defense so there has to be some leeway in our decision process) for home defense. This is has to be the .22 or a .25 ( I know a .25 is usually laughed at but you know who isn't laughing at .25s, all the dead people killed by them.) So, go find an airgun that can match that power. While you can find some .22 and .25 cal air rifles that are pretty powerful, they simply lack the impact due to small pellet size.
 So you move up in caliber. This is where the decision gets pretty hard. It puts you between a rock and a hard place. After .25 caliber, there are only a few affordable and reliable options in airguns. They are almost all rifles, there are just nothing in a air pistol that I would consider for defense unless it was the absolute only thing I could possibly get, or it just happened to be in my hand when I needed to protect myself.
   So this brings you to a decision, you have to weigh power, action, quality and price.
   The problem with air rifles is that the obtainable high power rifles tend to be single shot. Now, most people will think that its a good to have a gun that can give you a quick follow up shot, they are RIGHT! That being said, it like making a choice between a break barrel 12 ga. and a 5 shot .22 pistol. I would probably go with the shotgun. I base it on this, if I am 100% accurate and land every shot with either gun, I have a greater chance of ending a confrontation with a 12 than the 22. (I base that on the fact that there are more people walking around who have survived multiple shots with a .22 than there are who survived a single shot from a 12 ga at home defense ranges) So, that limits the options a little but there happens to be a few air guns that would fit the bill.
   First, there is the recommendation above of the Benjamin Rouge epcp rifle.
 Its a .357 cal high power air rifle. It has been used to take feral hogs and deer at bow ranges which is far greater than all but the most unusual home defense ranges.
  Here's the cool part, it is a six shot semi auto with a easy to use rotary (think revolver here) magazine. But just like any gun, you have to train with it, its more complicated than most air rifles and firearms, but it would absolutely work in this situation.
  Downside: $$$$. Also, it is battery powered, though I think there is a way to use it without it but I may be wrong here. And its big, but if you train with it, that's a small downside. 
 Next, there is the daystate wolverine, it is. .303 cal pcp air rifle. It is a repeater too working off the same rotary type mag at the Rogue. It has the same upside downsides as well with the added downside of it costs even more and its imported meaning if it needs warranty work, you have to ship it to england to my knowledge. I think it need batteries too.
   Now if you lean more toward raw power than shot capacity and have a more limited budget, there there are the Korean airguns. Shin Sun is a good brand but hard to get right now. Evanix makes a 9 mm repeater, but it is a bit pricey, and it also requires a battery.
   There is also sam yang, they make a .357,  a .45. And a .50 caliber rifle. These are all single shot jobs but I have seen the .50 shoot through 1 1/2 inch pine boards at moderate ranges and they are used as a primary hunting weapon in countries where guns are forbidden to the general population. My opinion is that if it can kill a dear of a adult wild boar, it can be used to defend ones self with. There is a lot more I can say on this, but I will close with this, if you choose an air rifle for home defense, you need to train with it. Get some training or if you can't, watch some training on home defense and apply that to your situation. Also, and this isn't an advert, but a recommendation, www.pyramyd air is a great site for looking into the air guns I mentioned. Do some good research and let that guide your decision. I also agree that trying to threaten with an airgun is a bad idea. Use it or don't. But be ready and willing to use it if you have to.

Alan Georges:
Axe, baseball bat, shovel, almost anything would be better and more legally defendable afterward than screwing around with an airgun in the situations we're most likely to face.  Though blademan does bring up some interesting points.  The real answer is a shotgun.  Even the most restrictive states here in the U.S. will allow their subjects to own and use a pump or double barrel.

But it is true that you can stop a freight train with a bb gun (and that's the real point of this post).  Here's how:

I'd rather have a slingshot with some ball bearings than an airgun for home defense... one of those single shot, one handed crossbows would probably be better than that. 

that being said when i'm out of my apartment and in a house Im getting a .12guage with some 00buck. No use reinventing the wheel here man. :) 


--- Quote from: pokeshell on April 21, 2012, 02:52:54 AM ---I like to hunt the small critters with nice scoped air guns. Very accurate, and deadly. Many are more powerful than a .22, and no noise, so you can drop one, then his buddy sitting next to him.

--- End quote ---
I've thought about that for killing squirrels and such. Any suggestions for a good air gun with scope that has no noise for that type of thing?

A long barrel 22 with aguilla super colibri, cb shorts/longs works well.


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