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Is your bank or insurerer on these lists?

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--- Quote from: mamabear on October 05, 2009, 12:49:00 PM ---I have a credit union. How does one find out what the rating is of a credit union?

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Mamabear, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Finding a finding an independant and verified listing of Credit Unions status is a bit more difficult than banks... I'm short on time and I'll need a bit more to dig through all the data I have before I will trust all the data. I have found two sources that you can try that are also considered by my sources as reasonably accurate. Your CU should rate four or more stars. If not find a new CU.

I'm still looking for better data. When I find it I'll post here to provide a list for CU users as well as Bank anad Thrift users.


Yikes, my CU has a two star rate on the first one and a three star rate on the second one. One of the other CU's in my town doesn't even show up and the last one locally that I can recall is here is a five star. Guess where my money will be going? ;) 
Thanks so much for the links.

I lucked out!  Sun National is NOT on the list! ;D

I wonder how insurance companies will be doing as some of their investments come back.

Both of my credit unions are in great shape according to those links...

This topic has opended my eyes  :o. Today I made my first silver pruchase; a few tubes of Silver Eagles. I have a fire safe in the house but was thinking of getting a safe deposit box at the credit union. I had heard some stories about auctions of "unclaimed" valuables but never hear of the Feds checking the contents.

For now my silver stays in the house safe and maybe out to a paving stone later. Thanks...


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