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The Survival Podcast Forum is now a READ-ONLY ARCHIVE


Mr. Bill:
The Survival Podcast Forum was open from September 17, 2008 through October 25, 2020, as a meeting and discussion spot for fans of Jack Spirko's podcast.  In 12 years we accumulated three quarters of a million posts on many thousands of topics related to prepping, homesteading, firearms, current events, and inflatable goats.

The forum reached its natural end and is now closed, but we are keeping this archive open as a storehouse of information.

What this means for you:

If you are not a registered member: You can't register, but you can read posts in many categories as a guest.

If you joined the forum before it closed: You have the same access you did when we were open.  You can't post anything, but you can still use the Personal Message feature to contact your forum friends.

If you are a moderator or administrator: You're still a mod/admin.  You can post (although there's not much reason to do so!).  The forum shouldn't require any moderation or maintenance, other than the occasional software upgrade.  I'll take care of that -- well, maybe not for the rest of my life, but for a while at least.

If you notice any problems, drop me a note via Personal Message.


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