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Homemade masks

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--- Quote from: Greekman on May 13, 2020, 11:08:53 AM ---That said, if I had known of a promising (after all of this time, tested) design by a doctor or nurse, i would save it for the future.

--- End quote ---
There are some designs for various items on the link above in the NIS system.

But as a whole, I agree.  Most of the designs are good for a last resort, but would be pretty uncomfortable to wear any length of time.  I've printed off 5 or 6 of them.  I have not sealed any of them because I have yet to find one that I feel is comfortable enough to wear, or gives enough air flow to not have to rip it off in 20 minutes because I can't breathe.

Here we have been required to wear a mask on public transportation, in shops and worst of all at work if a distance of 1.5m or seperation by barrier can't be kept up. Therefore, when I'm not behind the counter by myself I'm sometimes talking for hours with a mask on.

Because of this my mask creating hasn't been focused on actual protection but on fulfilling the letter of the law while beeing comfortable.

I like a simple square mask,pleated or scrunched up at the sides, with a tie from one top corner to the other, quite loose as it rests above my bun, a long tie between the bottom corners so it can hang around my neck when not needed. The newest one is a single layer of light weight cotton. Most important is the quite wide wire across the nose (I doubled up 1mm aluminium craft wire and hammered it flat to make it less flexible), it keeps the mask in place and enables me to see as it prevents my glasses from fogging up.

These masks still do the job we're told we're wearing them for: reduction of virus flying all over the place and therefore protection of others. Protection for the wearer? Nope, but that isn't the reason they are beeing pushed.


--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on May 13, 2020, 02:32:07 PM ---There are some designs for various items on the link above in the NIS system.

--- End quote ---

I think you meant NIHS...went to the site and fund a COVID19 mask design. Was that one of, you mentioned?

It was the NIH site.

There's a mask on there that was approved for clinical use and several that were approved for community use.


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