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What causes blood pressure?

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When I google what causes blood pressure I just get hits on high blood pressure. I am trying to understand at a more basic level.

Is the body like a tire that is inflated so that if there is high blood pressure then it is overinflated? I don’t exactly understand what the mechanics are or why exercise or eating habits would effect it. If the tire analogy made sense then just as there is too much air in the tire then there must be too much blood but that doesn’t seem likely to be the answer

High blood pressure is also called hypertension. When I think of a tire that is inflated, would I consider that tire to have tension ? Isn’t tension more like a rope that is bound tightly or a bow that is pulled back to release an arrow? When I think of tension I think of maybe I have a headache but does having a headache mean your blood pressure went up ?

I was also experimenting with my mothers blood pressure meter but the readings are all over the place. I took 4 different readings and they all where totally different, high low, all over the place. I don’t exactly understand why that would be either

Does it reflect how hard the heart is pumping? But I am not sure how that would differ from the pulse rate

It also sounds like half the adult population in the US would have high blood pressure according to the medical establishment

I looked up how the meter works. I guess it’s more like pressure in a pipe or faucet

Physically my understanding is that constrictions in the arteries play a role in pressure, think stepping on a garden hose. If there is more constriction the pump has to work harder, has less time between pumps to relax. Reducing restrictions lowers blood pressure. The higher number is the resistance and the lower is the relaxation.

There’s a lot of moving parts involved with maintaining blood pressure.  The heart is specialized muscle tissue that can vary its rate and strength of contraction based on hardwired autonomic nervous system control and/or hormones, like adrenaline, released into the blood stream. Similar control systems cause the smooth muscle in blood vessels to contract or relax so blood flow is optimized in the organs needed to survive whatever the situation demands. Then there’s the volume of fluid in the entire circulatory system which is a function of what the organism can absorb from the environment and what the kidney and gut can hang onto while getting rid of waste products. And bleeding....

The term hypertension is usually also applied to high blood pressure. It seems to imply if you have high blood pressure then it would effect how you feel because hypertension seems to have an implication of being stressed. I am not sure if that is true however or if the term could be somewhat deceptive or inaccurate


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