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The Jeffrey Epstein Tail

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David in MN:
It's a bizarre story of pedophilia that runs through a ton of politicians.

If my reading is correct (no reason to believe so) He's had guests such as Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. It seems Trump banned him but still used his planes. Clinton maybe a bit more.

I'm not sure what to believe but there is clearly some borderline stuff going on. It smells like a pedo ring and big tickets in both parties were at least aware.

Goes without saying that anyone who sexually harasses a kid deserves a meeting with me and an axe handle.

Memory serves Trump used his plane once to fly from Mara Largo to New York.
Clinton has been on his plane on 24 occasions, on many trips he ditched his secret service detail.

David in MN:
The crazy thing is that we all kinda knew. For like 2 decades. I'm not saying hard evidence but everyone knew it was murky at best. For years there have been jokes about "Lolita" airlines.

I am 100% convinced we don't know the story. On its face you know with certainty that Dennis Hastert molested boys, Anthony Wiener texted underage girls, and Bill Clinton liked a blowy from the interns. That's what you know.

But what don't you know? All the CEOs who don't have famous names. If Trump was in the orbit there had to be others who were into kids. Even if I accept that Trump and Clinton behaved well (and I have reservations on both) there had to be more. And as much as we get from politicians there are plenty of moneyed people behind them. I don't know what the Podesta code words were but I know they enjoy artwork of children being tortured. And Joe Biden sure gets more handsy with little girls than I'm comfortable with.

I know it's been a nutjob conspiracy theory for years that our politicians and business execs are locked in pedo rings but peel that onion just a little bit and boy do some interesting people start coming out of the woodwork. It's worth remembering that all the big public cases are politicians. Epstein isn't. He's a hedge fund guy (though there are a lot of questions there). I'm inclined to believe we will never know the true story of these child abusers.

It seems to me that any organization that wields power and influence attracts people in need of such; religion, politics, business, art world.... like a magnet for deviants.


Roger Stone breaks down Epstein history on Alex Jones


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