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Hello all, I am generally new to the whole forum world so please do not all shame me at once. I am currently searching for a new cooler to use while fishing that will keep my drinks/ product fresh for extended periods of time. A buddy of mine recommended the brand Yeti, but I am a little hesitant to make such a large purchase for a cooler. Does anyone have any experience with Yeti and can justify this expensive purchase? If not, does anyone have other cooler recommendations? Preferably one that is a little cheaper but still effective. Thanks in advance.


The Yeti brand is amazing, however, if you don't need to keep your single load of ice solid for days on end it may not be needed.  If you can refill ice daily it is not really necessary.  They are cool as heck though.

My outings tend to be on the long side at a few days before I can get more ice so I'd be looking for something that I don't have to be nervous about opening and closing without losing ice.

Grizzly and rtic both make yeti clones which perform just as well, but cost much less.

Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on April 09, 2017, 11:55:30 PM ---They are cool as heck though.

--- End quote ---

I see what you did there...

Each month I get 1-2 styrofoam coolers shipped with my son's insulin.  I started saving them, but when I accumulated over a dozen I started tossing them out.
Wish there was a practical use.  They are the polar (possible pun?) opposite of the Yeti brand - but they meet your "cheap" criteria.


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