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AMMO CRATE , now that you have it need a place to put it.

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I found some weather tight (rubber "O" ring seal though not submersible,) Stack able ,tough plastic boxes that work pretty good for $13 each.
I filled a bunch of them with several thousand rounds of 22 ammo to stack 8 high in my BOL on 3 pallets  for a rainy day,I like the form and strength
of these boxes.With 2 latches,a nearly full length hinge,place for two padlocks,and 4 tie down points PLUS 65 pound weight capacity ,these are
good field and storage boxes.

Thanks for the tip Carl, I like them a lot!

With your AVATAR,I am reminded of the old American Tourister add with a gorilla beating the stuff out of their suitcase,
these boxes are that tough.

Thanks for the review Carl, I've been looking for something to store my ammo in as I've been acquiring more over the last few months.  This looks like a much better option than building wooden crates. 

If you are in the Pacific Northwest they sell them at Bi-Mart.


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