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Mr. Bill:
For our Facebook-using guests who are hesitant to register here because Internet forums are weird and unfamiliar, here's a page just for you:

(Forum members, feel free to share this link with your Facebook friends who might be interested in The Survival Podcast Forum but don't really know what forums are all about.)

The Survival Podcast Forum has its very own Facebook page:

This is a VERY low volume page that we will be using to announce forum outages/repairs, to highlight an occasional thread that we think is particularly interesting, and to pass along other important news if we ever have any. 8)

Also, you might like to check out our friendly rival, The Survival Podcast Facebook Forum:

This is a Facebook group for TSP listeners.  It is almost unmoderated (except for spam, abuse, and porn).  Of course it's not nearly as cool as our forum ;) but if you're a Facebook user, give it a look.


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