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Propane generator benefits

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I just wanted to share a realization I had on owning a  propane or propane/gas generator:

I bought a Duromax 4400EH (Propane/gas) a while ago.  I don't use it much but make sure to test it every so often.  In the past I would fill it up with just enough gas to get it going and test it.  Then I would have to drain the extra fuel when done because having it sit in the lines isn't good if you want it to be reliable. Typically I'd use the hose and primer bulb method from Steven Harris to pump it back into the gas can, lawn mower, snow blower, etc.  Then run out the remaining.

I went to test it yesterday and thought, Why the hell mess with filling and draining gas when I can just hook up my propane tank.  I felt like an idiot not thinking of it sooner.  It made the test process a lot less cumbersome.  And I don't have to worry about fuel left in the lines.

Other benefits:
-Propane takes up a lot less space when storing 20 gallons
-It lasts longer

Regarding the battery for the key ignition:
-Disconnect the terminals when not using it for longs periods of time. (More than a week?)
I've left mine connected and every time I test, the battery is dead.  I may need a new one but the lesson is learned.
-Why get a gas only generator at all?
The price seems to be a difference of 55 dollars
Gas only:
Duel Fuel:

I was kind of eager to get this one because it was on sale when I got it.  $500 vs $650.  And Now I see it's on sale for $465.  I think I would spring for a 10,000 or more when ever I have to replace this one.  And I'd definitely look at getting a Honda or Yamaha.

I completely agree.  I may even go with one which is rated to handle Natural Gas as well (just a richer mix I think).  A buddy of mine just buried a 500 gallon tank of propane to run his generator.  I think they even sell 1000 gallon tanks for home/farm use.  They can also connect them together for more backup. 

My next generator will be dual/tri-fuel and my next house will have a buried tank or two.

Here is a conversion kit on Amazon.  I am not endorsing it, just showing what is available.

Thanks for the info.


I haven't seen many that do all 3 fuels right out of the box but they are out there.  And I think you are correct on the richer mix with Natural gas.  I read somewhere that it doesn't produce the same power as gas or propane.

And those add-on kits void the manufacturer warranty, so you may want to wait before adding it.

Side Note; Acme tools has some of the best selection in store that I've seen on quality units. (Home depot doesn't even carry them in the store...)

Old thread, but I happened across it while looking for something else so....

Propane and/or natural gas are cleaner and engines will last longer when run on them versus gasoline. The downside is that neither of the gaseous fuels contain the same amount of energy as gasoline. An engine designed to run on gasoline will not produce as much horsepower when run on propane/NG, meaning that a generator will not produce as much power output. IIRC, you need to lower the output rating by 20-30% when switching to gaseous fuels.

I'm way  late on this but wanted to opine on propane gensets.  They are the way to go.  Have had excellent fortune w/Champion brand.  Service is fine w/ great bulletins on their website.  Got a small gen (forget the size, am too slothful to go check in the 105 southern Ariz heat)for about $300 w/a 3 year guarantee a year ago.  Have to repeat-their service dept. is helpful in the extreme. Amazon.


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