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Update to our Terms of Use and Policies: Religious Debate and Criticism


Mr. Bill:
Posted today, after about 6 years of moderator discussion...

--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on February 26, 2015, 08:03:39 PM ---We'd like to clarify a long-standing policy of TSP Forum.

This forum is not the place for religious debate, or for bashing or making fun of any religion.

TSP Forum is open to people of all religious (or non-religious) beliefs.  We expect all our members to treat each other with courtesy, and part of that courtesy means respecting each other's choice of belief.

We don't prohibit all discussion of religion.  We've had a number of good topics involving religious themes, mostly in Around the Campfire and Morale, Encouragement, and Motivation, and we also have a section specifically for Religion and Parenting.

What we do prohibit is criticism of an entire religion, because it is divisive, insulting, and unrelated to the forum's primary purpose (prepping).  This prohibition applies in particular to discussion of current events.

Thanks for your understanding.

--- End quote ---

As many of you are aware, this isn't a new policy, just a clearer statement of how we do things.  Over the years we've had occasional problems with Atheists attacking Christians, Christians attacking Atheists, Christians attacking Muslims, Protestants attacking Catholics, etc.  TSP Forum exists primarily to help people learn to prepare for the future.  Theological disputes do nothing to aid that purpose, but do serve to divide us and distract us.

Of course we're aware that religion is part of the daily news.  Recent years have seen terrorist/military groups murder tens of thousands, displace hundreds of thousands, enslave women and children, and commit unspeakable atrocities -- all in an attempt to establish a tyrannical theocratic state, and all allegedly justified by the words in a holy book.  Regional governments compete with the extremists by adopting harsh religious rules as state-enforced law.

This has been the situation for decades with the Lord's Resistance Army and the Ugandan government, just to take one example.  You may feel that all of Christianity is evil for aiding, or failing to stop, these horrors.  You are welcome to express this opinion elsewhere, but on TSP Forum we will not tolerate posts criticising an entire religion.  The same goes for Islam, Deism, Paganism, non-religious belief systems (e.g. Atheism), etc.

Thanks for your help in keeping TSP Forum a place where people of all beliefs can get information and help about prepping.

People commit vile acts for many reasons; the interpretations of a religious text is only one of many. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that individuals commit acts, but we must keep that in the forefront of our thoughts. It's analogous to the argument that guns cause crime. It is the action of the individual that causes the problem, not the tool used in its commission.

Thank you, Mr. Bill et. al. for bringing this issue to the forefront and for working to keep this forum one of the best and all inclusive forums on the web.


Mr. Bill:
In the last few days, mods/admins have deleted or locked a few threads that were in violation of our Terms of Use and Policies.

THE RULES: Religious Debate and Criticism

Criticize the Islamic State bastards all you want, but if you want to criticize an entire religion, there are other Internet forums for that.


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