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Any other wheellock owners here?

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Anyone else here involved in shooting the idiotic genius wheel lock guns?
I've had a carbine since I was 18 and added a pistol lately. Mainly use both at living-history events and battles, but also like to shoot them real, now and then.
Looking for other lost souls that spend their lives tuning the lock and stone to work together.

Also willing to discuss possible use of such guns in survival situations. Bullet casting, making blackpowder and such.

You can see the carbine in slow motion here, I met some guy with hi-speed camera at the range once.

That is a neat hobby.  I really appreciate the work of art that many wheellocks were.  I have never seen a replica wheel lock that would be affordable to shoot and would never shoot an original if I had one.    I am glad to know that there are a few of you out there.

It's not a problem to get a replica, it's just expensive. Let me know if you have about $600 extra and I'll get you a neat pistol from the guy who made mine. Guess if we used the same method the Indian makers do, it would be easy and legal to ship internationally. Those guys just don't drill the ignition hole and claim the gun to be a decoration, since it obviously can't shoot.
Don't know how your laws are about muzzleloaders though....ours are very easy on them.

Thanks for the video and the information. As I understand, they were faster to fire and more reliable than flintlocks - just a lot more expensive to make and tricky to use. What period do you reenact? I would guess the Thirty Years War, am I close?


Oregon is pretty strict on what type of firearm can be used for hunting during a muzzleloader season.  If it weren't so wet here during many of the seasons that I would be taking advantage of, I'd own one.

--- Quote ---Oregon Regulations"
"Muzzleloader" is any single-barreled (double-barreled shotguns are permissible) long gun meant to be fired from the shoulder and loaded from the muzzle with an open ignition system (cap or flint exposed to the elements) and open or peep sights. Open ignition in-line percussion, sidelock, under-hammer, top-hammer, mule ear percussion, flintlock and wheellock guns are allowed.
--- End quote ---

They're an awesome piece of work and I would love to get into them at some point, but just don't see the application to justify one yet.

Great vid. . . .  That rifle was only $600?  Beautiful rifle.


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