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Royal Wind?


Just curious, what are your opinions on this idea?  Good science? or good scam?

It sounds and looks promising, but I'd like to see more tests. If it's legit then that's pretty sweet.

This is nothing special. It's just a minor variation of a Persian windmill, which is a design that's already a couple of thousand years old.

The Pelton-wheel wind scoops are probably much less efficient than plain airfoils.

Two small ones look pretty, but are definitely less efficient than one larger one.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a half-a-rutabaga.

After watching the video I'm wondering if I'm in the wrong business.  For $10,000 I can buy a system that generates a whopping 3.2 kW!  Someone has been smoking their tofu.  If you are serious about buying a system that produces energy, then please consider one that is already doing it.  Start up ventures are risky at best.  When you consider that much of what their "sales pitch" is selling (hopie changie with some free love), I'd run away fast.  Just my opinion.

Besides, I'm proud that my carbon footprint is bigger than hers.   ;D

Heheheheheheh! Yup!


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