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Re: Motivating my wife
« Reply #30 on: October 19, 2015, 11:10:19 AM »
I am going to second what a few of the women have already posted here. Get off the head trip.

In all honesty, I get a bit nauseous when I hear [usually] men pronounce with absolute certainty that the world as we know it will soon end. I call BS.  Don't try to employ the diversionary trick of prepping for the "everyday" emergency like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. It's almost like those everyday emergencies are the politically correct way of introducing prepping.  For those "everyday" emergencies, the serious prepping that I see on this website is over the top. So call a spade a spade - it's prepping for the Madmax (or maybe James Wesley Rawles) teotwawki. My enlightened opinion: Ain't gonna happen and we women know it. Just like we don't get quite as excited about sexual pornography, we don't get as riled up about disaster porn.  Don't tell your wife you know things are going to fall apart because really, you don't

If you want to bring your wife on board - she will be much more amenable to sustainable gardening,  permaculture, canning, etc. just for the sake  of it and the wonderful meaning those activities bring into our lives.

Y'know. . .it took me almost two weeks to respond to this.   I'll be honest,  I found the post to be arrogant and condescending.  There are a lot of absolute statements in here which really torqued my gourd.

I, for one, don't prep for "Mad Max" scenarioes despite what my my overdose of testosterone tells me to do.  Yes, I fantasize that when Gold, Silver and Dow head for the basement, I'll don a leather jockstrap, a hockey mask and assless chaps, hop on my Harley and zoom outside so that I may do donuts in the middle of the street, ranting for hours about finite oil reserves and demanding entrance into everyone's home so that I may raid their pantries and set myself up as Humongous, their Dictator.

I mean, we really know, deep down inside, that economic collapses don't happen.  Argentina, the former Soviet Union, the 1929 Stock Market Collapse, the Greek Debt Crisis, Germany after the First World War. . .NONE of those really happened. Each of these were merely fictional stories told to young prepper children, at night, lest they have delusions that the world is a perfect place and nothing will ever happen to them.

And, yes, my Male Mind is tainted further in thinking that prepping for "everyday" disasters such as Earthquakes, Tornadoes and Hurricanes should not be limited to a few cans of soup, a flashlight and a spare change of Clothing.    After all, the Red Cross will be able to take care of us when we are forced from our homes because of a tornado or wildfires (all figments of our testosterone-laden imaginations, btw).

And, heaven forbid that I utter a single word that describes what happens during a natural disaster when the government gets involved.  That one word incites we men to launch ourselves into an orgiastic frenzy borderlining on an almost ecstatic apopleptic fit of prepping and fantasizing:

Katrina.   We know the stories were all faked. All those Youtube videos of Federally-enjoined LEO's dragging old ladies out of their homes and forcing them into camps were simply not real. The stories told by former inhabitants of the Big Easy were all a new derivation of the Nigerian 419 scam.  Nobody was forced to leave, let alone bug out 10 hours north to be placed into camps where their families were separated.  No  one was forcibly removed from their home and their dogs shot so Animal Control didn't have to feed or house them.  No one was stopped at gunpoint, en masse, trying to relocate the stricken area by neighboring towns or counties.  The Superdome was an especially delicious twist on the scam.  Since no one was forced to live there and not allowed to leave.  None of those women were gangraped in the restrooms by, well, anybody.  No bodies from cemetaries were floating down the streets of New Orleans.  No elderly people were left to die by their nurses.  No cops stole Cadillacs or looted Walmart.  No one was shot looting.  Those people who bugged out (or really didn't) and found themselves stuck in rest areas didn't have to worry about others stealing their property or their gas.  And Mayor Nagin?  He was really just visiting his ill mother in Texas.

Yep, it was all a clever trick intended to get people to mail in their money.  No one was hurt.  Such "everyday" disasters simply don't occur to the level that one would have to consider relocating with an instant's notice or worrying about such things as food and water procurement over the long term.

After all, Katrina was only a two-day rainshower, right?

Besides, we already know that people don't act any differently when a disaster strikes.

Time and again, we see news reports of power outages where everyone leaves their home, walks into the streets to hold hands and sing "Kumbaya."  The rumors and lies told by preppers to their wives that people steal, loot and assault others are just that. . .LIES.  You see, those people carrying out the 70" flatscreens from the electronics store are more worried that, uh. . .ahem. . .oh. . .that the sprinklers may inadvertently come on when the power is restored.  Yeah, that's it. . .all they're doing is securing that store's inventory in case it gets wet. They'll bring it back.  Swear.

The L. A. Riots never happened. It was actually an unfinished movie made by Spike Lee about a white guy, "Just trying to get along" in a racially-diverse neighborhood.  Detroit and Chicago back in the 60's?  Those, too, were misunderstandings surrounding stock footage for a proposed "Godzilla attacks the U.S." movie and were taken completely out of context.

And these flashmob riots?  See, this is what happens when you don't understand things.  My testosterone-soaked brain sees a YouTube video of hundreds of kids running into a grocery store, apparently kicking a clerk into unconsciousness and destroying the place and I think "RIOT!"

Thank GOD you understand it for why it really happened. . .those darned rambunctious kids were merely rushing to get in line for the Early-Bird Taylor Swift/Justin Beeber concert tickets!  The store clerk?  Well got overly excited when he heard the news and started chocking on a pomegranate, and the kids were performing the Common-Core version of the Heimlich maneuver on him (your leg muscles are much stronger than your arm muscles, you know).

You've helped me realize that disasters don't happen, societal collapses are a myth and severe economic downturns are all just constructs of the Survival/Preparedness Industrial Complex designed to keep us buying buckets of Wise Food and overly-priced combination tools such as the Crovel, created by a now thumbless inventor.

Despite this, however, I will continue to rotate my food stores, check my equipment and swap my BOB's every season.  Because, no matter what, MY family will be ready for any fictional prospective disasters.

Now, I'm going back to my corner where I'll continue researching sword design and steel types for the appropriate weapons to carry when the dead rise from their graves.  I live near a very large cemetery and I just don't think I can carry THAT much ammo.

Lingua en Maxillam,
The Professor