Author Topic: Excellent resource for women's reproductive health  (Read 1926 times)

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Excellent resource for women's reproductive health
« on: March 20, 2013, 06:20:24 PM »
I stumbled across a few years ago when researching the effects of certain herbs and was fascinated by the information on herbal contraceptives and abortions (which, btw, are not terribly reliable or well researched so not an ideal option for everyone, as is clarified on the site). My personal feelings on abortions aside, I believe it's best to be fully knowledgeable about all potential effects of herbs or supplements, for example I was surprised to see vitamin C on the list.

When I landed on the site again yesterday I was amazed at the wealth of information that's been added since. It's a bit tricky to navigate from the home page so I'll just list a few of the pages with information I haven't seen available elsewhere on the 'net:

Cervical observation. Details how to feel your own cervix, the changes it goes through during the cycle, and includes internal pictures of the os (opening of the cervix) in various stages. Also includes a link to learning how to use a speculum to observe your own cervix, which can be useful for self-gyno exams or tracking fertility. Apparently some women find the cervix to be the most helpful indicator for fertility awareness.

Menstrual extraction. A little-known suction method to remove all blood from the uterus the first day of menstruation. This has been used for convenience (e.g. by honeymooners or female athletes) but is also effective for early abortions. It is apparently safer than a clinical abortion because there is no scraping of the uterus or cervical dilation involved. Availability is an issue, as it's impossible to do these on yourself and few medical personnel are trained in the procedure, but it sounds like this skill might be useful to have in a survival community. Provided it is legal in your area, of course.

Herbal pregnancy prevention & termination - go here and click through to view the page containing an extensive list of links on the subject. Here are a few of the key pages:

Hope you all find this helpful. :) I'm not affiliated with the site or its owner(s?) in any way, just glad to see resources of rare information out there.

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Re: Excellent resource for women's reproductive health
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2013, 10:23:03 AM »
Thanks Dainty, I'll be checking it out.  We really need this type of information out there.