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AAR - Tactical Response - Fighting Pistol - Bastrop TX - March 7/8, 2009

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James Yeager:

--- Quote from: BigDanInTX on March 07, 2009, 10:16:39 PM ---
I'll be getting a group shot of the TSP'ers out there tomorrow. 

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TXChikk, phil_in_cs, BigDanInTX, James Yeager (me), Halffast, Sugar Sand (aka"Zippo")

James Yeager:
 Well Fighting Pistol has concluded. It was a REALLY good group of folks and it was my distinct pleasure to meet all of the Survival Podcasters that came to train. Forum members should understand that your representatives were on time, safe, accurate, disciplined, focused, determined and had a terrific sense of humor!

i would glad to have these folks on my side when things were bad!

On the way home today, I had plenty of time to digest what I had learned today and came to some striking realizations. What follows below are some generalizations about the class and does not cover every aspect, merely my foggy recollection of what I learned. There will be omissions, please forgive them. I wanted to include them to make a point. I put that point in bold, so if you want to, just read the bolded text in the next two paragraphs to sum it up.

Day 1 of Fighting Pistol is essentially unlearning the crap you have "learned" before and starting over. You are taught how to hold the pistol, how to draw, how to load, how to aim, how to pull the trigger, how to move off the line of fire, how to reload, how to perform malfunction drills, how to be aware of other threats around you aside from the one you just drilled holes into, how to fire from kneeling and prone positions. Day 1 of Fighting Pistol taught me how to shoot.

In Day 2 of Fighting Pistol, you are taught the mindset of things, the legal aspects, the use of force, the way in which you are constantly processing the stimuli around you, the condition of your alertness, then (moving on to post-lecture) you begin to focus on smooth trigger control and allowing the gun to go off instead of making it go off, firing from a position where you have the attacker right on you and backing away (with either two hands or with a hand protecting yourself and with your strong hand), the difference between concealment and cover, how to get to a concealed position, and firing from concealment. Day 2 of Fighting Pistol taught me how to DEFEND MYSELF.

Day two may build on the essentials learned in day one, but it really clicked for me when I was firing from retention. I have an attacker in my face and I am not just aiming at boxes anymore. I have sound concussion, gases, gunpowder being blasted in my face. I am putting rounds (for me) right at neck level and a little below. If this is a real human, I am not just hitting the chest. If this is a real human, I am not just hitting the chest. I am close enough that I am almost putting the gun right on his throat!  To me, this is the point where I am no longer shooting paper.  What I am doing is preparing for the day that I may need these skills.  I am no longer just learning to shoot the pistol, I am learning to protect myself and innocents around me (among those could be my wife or my two sons). At this point, something clicked in my head and made a difference. No longer was I just doing drills and learning. Yes, I was learning, but there was more. This "more-ness" (if you will allow the word) is not something I can define or quantify. It is something that you will truly have to do yourself to truly understand.

I implore you. I compel you. I beg you...

If you do nothing more, take this class. Learn the skills. Practice them on your own.

I assure you. You will be wanting more. And, like me, you will have a strong desire to sign up for more classes.

I am attending Advanced Fighting Pistol for the next two days. I am more sore than I have been in a long time, I am tired and I hurt just about everywhere. I knew it would be difficult, both mentally and physically and it definitely delivered! I must tell you though, after the motivation and inspiration I stumbled upon today, I don't care how tired I am, how sore I am, or how much I hurt. I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to capitalize on what has become available to me. I plan to make good on my commitment and get as much from the Advanced class as I did from the first.

Time to hydrate!! (Some more...) ;-]

--- Quote from: James Yeager on March 08, 2009, 07:27:40 PM ---i would glad to have these folks on my side when things were bad!
--- End quote ---
As would I!!  =-D

I don't have my full AAR finished yet, but I want to say that TxChikk was AWESOME. Unlike me, she didn't show up with a load of bad habits. She listened to James, Allen, and Brian, did what they said, was was shooting very, very well by Sunday afternoon. There were 3 other very new shooters, one who had just bought a pistol and had never fired it, and all were out performing me on many drills since they did as instructed and didn't have bad habits to break.

The only thing I was wanting to see and didn't was James fulfilling his promise to put BigDan in a headlock.

Speaking of bad habits: me doing it wrong

and the proper method.


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