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AAR - Tactical Response - Fighting Pistol - Bastrop TX - March 7/8, 2009

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Well, day one is done and all I can say is that this class is KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!  I learned more about shooting a pistol today than in all of the many years I've been a firearm enthusiast.  I'm off to do my homework and I can't wait for tomorrow.  I'll do a full AAR early next week.

James Yeager:

James Yeager:

Today's class was an eye-opener for myself and I believe for many others.

Today we were taught by James, Allen, and Brian. I really appreciate all they taught us today.

This was the first pistol class I have ever been to aside from my CHL "class" 4 years ago. The fact that we worked from the ground-up was not discouraging, in fact every new thing we learned was a base for what we learned next.

Personally, my grip was crap, so I was quickly straightened out and the difference spoke for itself. I just finished the Night One "homework" (Dry-Fire practice and reading). I had read about dry-fire in the past and it seemed like something neat, but no true plan was really outlined, so I tried a few and didn't really think much of it. The way it's described in the course guide really did make a great difference. I was having issues reholstering today (keep head up, keep head up). I quite often would get it with no problem, but every now and again, I'd need to find it with my thumb before I did. By the time I finished my 15 minutes of dry-fire, tap-rack-bang, I was reholstering right away without even thinking about it. There's no pressure of hitting within the box, merely focusing on draw, presentation, grip (FREAKIN' GRIP!), front sight, smooth trigger pull. No bang, no target, just you and the pistol getting into that Zen state.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow (yes, even with the three-hour that I've read the topics).

On a side note, I read several posts that James said you should do nothing different from what you do every day. If it rains and you don't use rain gear on a normal basis, you should train without it. I get that now. That is why I chose to wear shorts today. It sucks doing 360 scans on your knees, but here in Texas, I'm in shorts alot when I'm not at work. So, I thought it best to see what it was like. Tomorrow, jeans are in order because when I'm not in shorts, I'm in jeans.

Oh, and a note for anyone finding this who hasn't taken a class...don't forget the sunscreen! It was cloudy almost all day and while I'm not seriously burnt or anything, I'll definitely be feeling the sun on me tomorrow.

Thanks again, James, Allen, and Brian. See you guys bright and early (and on Daylight Savings morning, minus one hour of sleep!!).

Oh, and yeah...I just couldn't resist... ;-]

I'll be getting a group shot of the TSP'ers out there tomorrow.  So much was going on today that I forgot.
We had James (of course), myself, phil_in_cs, TXChikk, and Halffast.  Did I miss anyone?

EDIT: Toned down a couple of things.  This isn't GOTX.  ;-]

James Yeager:


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