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Tactical Response Fighting Pistol I/II- Bastrop, TX 3/7-3/10

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Just signed up for Tactical Response's Fighting Pistol and Advanced Fighting Pistol coming up in March in Bastrop.  If anyone else is going to attend, let me know so I can be on the look out for you when I get there.

I would sure like to do this, but I'm taking a Suarez class in February and don't think I can afford two classes that close together.

You learn everything and show me when you're done?

BigDan, barring some hideous unforeseen event or if one of my college friends changes her wedding date I will see you at the class :) I signed up too and I'm looking forward to it. I thought my life would calm down a bit after graduation but I seem to be busier than ever, maybe it's just me catching up on all the good stuff I missed out on while in college.

Anyway, look forward to meeting ya!

"Big" is an understatement for Dan. He's a giant.


It will be nice to meet you as well as anyone else who will come to the class(es).  It is a lot of money, but I know the skills I learn will be invaluable.  =-]

(*starts repeating mantra - no Glock Bite, no Glock Bite, no Glock Bite*)  ;-]


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