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Let's talk about belts

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Hanks is the way to go..I have the work belt and the weekender.  Both for under 50 bucks. Lifetime warranty and u.s. made.

I am going to pull the trigger on a couple from Saddleback. The one that I am eyeing is top grain leather and is just under $70. I will update in a few weeks, but it sounds like I won't really know how nice the belts are for a few years.

What's wrong with the suspenders?

Lefty Red:
I got to give props to Hank’s Belts, for leather belts.
I have three, and all are worn at sometime or the other. They are priced from $50 to $100 dollars.

I do like Blue Alpha Gear’s EDC and Hybrid belts for summer wear and IWB carry.

Would stick to the heavy leather Hank’s Belts for OWB carry.


I saw the price of a good belt.  I decided to make my own.  I have a Tandy Leather nearby, and got my stuff from there. 


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