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How to get banned without explicitly violating a rule


Mr. Bill:
Spelling out a moderation policy that we have followed since the earliest days of the forum:

We may take action (including temporary or permanent banning, or restricting the ability to post) against members who are causing harm to the forum, even if they have not explicitly violated a forum rule.  In making this decision, we will take several factors into account, including but not limited to the following:

* Are you violating ad hoc rulings or warnings that the moderators have issued?
* Have your posts received many reports-to-moderator by many different forum members?  Are your posts occupying a large fraction of the moderators' time?
* Are your posts almost exclusively political?  (See: The Primary Role of The Survival Podcast Forums.)
* Are other members dropping out of parts of the forum, or departing the forum entirely, in reaction to your posts?
* Are you Gunkid?


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