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Door locks that don't need keys

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David in MN:
I'm looking to upgrade my front door to have a lock that doesn't require a key. There are many options of keypad "code" locks and new fob based systems that will even work with cell phones. I"m starting to see the benefit. I hate bringing keys on a bike ride or a walk. I hate having them on me when I mow the backyard.

Any experiences good or bad with systems like this? I don't even know what to look for. I'm open to any suggestions to upgrade my door lock.

what happens when the power is out or the batteries fail?

I have zero personal experience, do want to see what the responses are though.

Black November:
I am considering upgrading to a Medenco or Mul-T-Lock.

Electronic locks kinda scare me, but nobody gives them a second thought for cars, or for RFID office doors, so maybe we are just being old fashioned.

My buddy has one on his front gate.  It seems to be handy. 

You lock the house when you are mowing your back yard?  I'd leave the back doors open, I try my best not to lock myself out.

I also carry a separate set of keys for house/ work than my vehicle keys.  I like to keep my keys as skinny as possible.  I can leave my house keys in the truck and only take the truck keys, or if I'm riding with someone else I can take only the house keys. 


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