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Thoughts on wireless security camera systems?

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I am looking to install a few wireless home security cameras, we are the only house on the street, and while the dog does a great job of protecting the inside, the other day the wife came home to find he had tore the living room up, which is a clear sign someone was in the front yard for a while. I want to get some cameras to be able to view what is going on out there when no one is around. It might be beneficial to have in case someone does decide to break in and the dog gets a hold of them from a liability stand point. I want a DIY kit instead of calling out a security company since the once I have talked to said they wouldnt do it since the response time is so slow its not worth it. Either way if you guys have models or versions you have used and want to post a link that would be great, I have found a few on amazon that look decent but I am looking for some more real world experience with them.

Any of the Foscam wireless cameras work fine..

However, don't get more than one. There usually only work on the 2.4GHz spectrum which is crazy crowded.
You can usually set it up to motion detect and upload video to an FTP server running on your desktop computer.
Get the best resolution you can afford as you want the best chance of seeing the intruder's face.

Here is a 960p wireless cameras.
Foscam FI9831P Plug and Play 960P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired Pan/Tilt IP Camera, 26-Feet Night Vision and 70 Degree Viewing Angle (Black)

Here is an NVR which stores the video if you can't on your computerFoscam FN3004H (Black) - Supports 4 X 960p (1.3MP) IP Cameras @ 30fps Realtime, PC Web Browser Remote Access, Feature-Rich OSD with Multiple Trigger & Alarm Events, ONVIF Compliance

Careful on window placement to reduce glare from the sun and reflection of the IR LEDs off the window.

(I do own a Foscam camera but not this model and not the NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Wired is better than wireless

Good luck


I purchased and installed 4 inexpensive Uniden cameras and recorder.  Video quality is Ok, but definitely not HD.  A bit slow to respond and start recording as well.  You get what you pay for.  This setup is around $200 for everything.  The LED on the camera is quite visible and shows when it's recording.  That's part of the issue:  let them know you're watching and being recorded.

They transmit wirelessly but still need 120VAC power run to them.

If power is a problem on the IP cameras, you can use a PoE switch and a PoE camera

Foscam FI9821E POE Power Over Ethernet Megapixel HD 1280 x 720p H.264 Wired Pan/Tilt IP Camera with IR-Cut Filter - 26ft Night Vision and 2.8mm Lens (70° Viewing Angle) - Black

Or you can use a PoE injector and a PoE camera.

TP-LINK Gigabit PoE Injector Adapter (TL-PoE150S)

Or you can you a PoE switch and a PoE splitter

TP-LINK TL-POE10R Gigabit PoE Splitter Adapter, IEEE 802.3af compliant, Up to 100 meters (328 Feet), 5V/12V Power Output

But this only works with wired networks.


Any packages that come with an app for a smart phone?


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