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Security Lighting for Tiny Off Grid Cabin/Shack?

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Black November:
How should I setup Security lighting for a tiny off grid cabin/shack?

I would like to install some perimeter flood lighting around the exterior of an offgrid cabin. I wouldn't leave the lights on all the time. I would just turn them on briefly (5-10 minutes at a time) while letting the dog outside to pee at night, and to identify any predators. We've had bears in the past and recently there have been some cougar/mountain lion sightings.

I have a Steven Harris inspired Truck Battery Bank, and a large pain-in-the-ass-pull-start generator. I am thinking of plugging the cabin into the truck's battery bank via long extension cord and using AC LED lights. I though about running DC and using headlights but I am worried about running DC over long distances. I may consider small Solar for the cabin, but the PNW is not know for our sun?

(Pic is for reference only. This is not my cabin)

there are  fixed (mountable) dc solar flood lights with Motion detectors & manual ones as well. having LED lamps in them for situations like you are asking about, 12 volt Photo cell relays are cheap on the net compared to big box stores.(Same relay) ,you could pick up some cheap solar lights (W/mt) for use to see sidewalks or the path to your vehicle.

I was looking into this earlier for my new barn. Should be fairly simple with a motion sensor on each side of the structure wired properly.
This thread has the solution that I'm looking into.
If you wire it up like that, you could power it any number of ways and easily adapt it to something else later.

My wife has to get up and feed the horse at 6am every morning and while most of the summer it's light out, most of the year it's dark at that time so she asked me to put some lights out for her because of concern about bears and cougars.  We don't have power at the barn and running power out there would have cost about $500 to do properly.  I already had a 12v deep cycle battery (group 24).  I installed that in the barn with a wireless remote which has worked great since the spring of 2013 with only one change of the remote batteries.  I installed two .  She only uses the system for 5-10 minutes a day, so the system maintains itself just fine with a $30 5w solar panel (don't have a link).

You could make a similar system motion activated with one of [url=]these hooked to one of these (motion detector is only rated to 10w (less than one amp), two lights is 4 amps, so you need to the relay to handle the higher amperage).  Heck, you could wire in both and have one switch in the house to turn on when you wanted, the other in the car so you could turn the lights when you arrived, and the motion detector to work whenever something went bump in the night.

You could also go with much bigger off road lights, but I found these have been plenty adequate and for the money, they're hard to beat.

I guess a powerful flashlight has been suggested?


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