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Where to post item for sale?


Hi TSP'ers
Just wondered if there is a place on this site to post items for sale?  We are moving from CT to TX (yes, walking to freedom) and would love for like minded individuals to consider our home for purchase.  We're in Oxford, CT, 2.2 acres, sloping southern exposure, paid off solar electric/solar hot water/wood boiler systems in place, Small organic orchard started with peaches, apples, paw-paw, grapes, mulberries, autumn olive, etc.
If anyone is interested just send me a message or just let me know where I can put up an ad.  Another prepper forum suggestion would be welcome too.

We have a section on the forum for this, but it is restricted to members with more posts than you have right now... I'd suggest getting involved in posting on the forum (after which this portion of the forum will become visible to you).



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