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Religious Debate and Criticism


Mr. Bill:
We'd like to clarify a long-standing policy of TSP Forum.

This forum is not the place for religious debate, or for bashing or making fun of any religion.

TSP Forum is open to people of all religious (or non-religious) beliefs.  We expect all our members to treat each other with courtesy, and part of that courtesy means respecting each other's choice of belief.

We don't prohibit all discussion of religion.  We've had a number of good topics involving religious themes, mostly in Around the Campfire and Morale, Encouragement, and Motivation, and we also have a section specifically for Religion and Parenting.

What we do prohibit is criticism of an entire religion, because it is decisive, insulting, and unrelated to the forum's primary purpose (prepping).  This prohibition applies in particular to discussion of current events.

Thanks for your understanding.


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