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Bob Wells code not working


I went to the MSB vendor section and tried the tspmember code for 10% off an order from Bob Wells Nursery to get one of those Pluot tress Jack mentioned. Any idea why it didn't work? Is the Pluot a special purchase with no coupon? Thanks.

Did you ever get this resolved?

I used the code recently and it worked fine. I also forgot to input it on a earlier order and emailed them (bob wells) to let them know and they refunded via paypal the 10%. Probably to late now for you but for the future.

All it takes is a call...I've picked up my trees there on several occassions and spoken withthem on the phone as well. The guy who runs the day to day operations is a regular listener to the show and gives me the discount whenever I ask for it - no code needed. I bet he'd make your order right with a simple friendly phone call. And he is a wealth of information on planting and care tips. YMMV.


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