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Please help. I'm a person of humble means, own a property in the Hawaii woods. I am surrounded by thieves, and assorted crooks. At this stage, perhaps due to stupidity, their crimes are either petty theft, or drugs. Howbeit, the system is setup, so that...despite the knowing of such activity, unless one has CONCRETE EVIDENCE, no one wants to hear it. the point. I have a small cabin on a half acre, fortunately, the only respectable person appears to be a neighbor, directly behind me. This person too would benefit from advice.

I'd like to find some way of us taking turns viewing each others property.
Our properties are divided by a thick hedge, about 15' thick.

Also, there is NO POWER. Is there some set of small cameras, that can be hidden on both properties, so as to allow us to view each others property, when one is away. We have resorted to taking turns. Yeah..Big Island Hawaii...zombies galore. I kid you not.

Or, maybe there is some other option. These people will steal anything that catches the eye.
I have a shipping container, that is really a kind of gardening shed, but won't be long before they start trying to pry it open...and hopefully...not eat all the dog food.

Cabin and container are separated by roughly 40'. I just dread the idiots tearing it up

I'm trying to find a cheap solution. I even wonder if there might be some small cameras that could be monitored from smartphone, and take pictures remotely, as we see suspects.

As for police protection...think again. Great place to practice for the zombie apocalypse.

Any suggestions appreciated. P.S. How can one use the evidence, if at all?

I have a shipping container, small, that I use as a kind of shed. Howbeit, it is in a rural community, and there are many thieves Is tthere some kind if alarm, that can be placed on THE INSIDE, inexpensive, that will loudly sound, if they attempt to cut into things, or pry? I'mlooking for something simple and inexpensive, to alert the non- crook neighbors.
Something that takes pics, would be another option, but if external...they would steal it.

The least expensive and effective means of getting picture evidence would probably be a game camera.


My dad was an industrial electrician, so he had all this weird stuff he had collected over the years. He rigged some kind of pressure sensor thing on the doors and windows, a huge grey box in the closet which looked overkill really, but the whole thing was attached to something akin to an air raid siren, but smaller, and just as obnoxious...on the roof of the house. You could hear that thing three miles away, no kidding.

So I am thinking it would not take a great deal of electrical experience to do this on your container. A metal lock box on the outside which houses the set alarm, a pressure switch of some kind which will go off when the doors are opened, and a really obnoxious siren thing bolted on the top and maybe even camouflaged a bit, with some 'stored pallets' or something else which would hide it, not muffle it, and something which someone is not going to bother to jump up there to steal.

How close are you to being able to use wireless to this container? Ask Carl about remote viewing and feeding animals, he would know better than I. There are alot of software programs for this as well.

You might also laminate something onto the doors to the effect of.. "This is overflow from the house of old pots and pans, material my wife bought on sale and has sewed nothing from, old worn out kid toys, kid clothes and the like. Steal it if you want, but replacing the lock you destroy is worth 7x over the entire worth of the contents of this trailer. Stealing the contents of this trailer would be an embarrassment to you to go to jail over. "


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