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Advice/Recommendations/Help - I currently hate carrying my gun

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--- Quote from: Denver Terry on July 09, 2014, 06:27:14 PM ---Take a look at Alien Gear Holsters (  I had the same complaints carrying my pistol.
Don't let the low prices fool you. These are comfortable and well built.

--- End quote ---

Yup. Second this ^^^^

I get all my holsters and belts from Concealment Solutions

I've had the horsehide belt ( for years and I wear it every day. It's comfortable, durable, and holds up my pants very well when carrying inside or outside the waste band with extra mags.

I interchange a few firearms depending on what I am wearing and where I am going. Sometimes I carry:

* Springfield XDS using an IWB holster with horsehide:
* Sig P226 using an OWB holster:
* Or a S&W Bodyguard using a pocket holster: (I also keep an extra one of these in my vehicle for the XDS and the P226 in the event that I have to remove my firearm and lock it up in the vehicle handgun safe for whatever reason)
Highly recommend the products. All of the products I have used have made carrying safe and comfortable for me.


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