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Another idea that I forgot to mention in my last reply is a shoulder holster. It is highly dependant on how you dress, and it is not for everyone.

My recommendation is to buy a cheaper nylon shoulder holster to test the concept before you spring for a nice on like a galco Miami classic II. The way I normally dress when I leave the house on my rare days where I am completely off, it works quite well. (T-shirt and a short sleeve button up shirt, both untucked and in buttoned, over jeans or cargo shorts)

If you are carrying a gun, and something else, spare mags, handcuffs, mace, radio, etc, it can become even more convenient, especially with a full size gun. However from everyone I have talked to it is a love it or hate it method.

It also simplifies using public restroom facilities.

I've thought about a shoulder rig but I don't think that's really my style, and I usually don't dress in an over shirt/jacket. Personally I feel like OCing a shoulder rig would be obnoxious. I won't fault anyone for doing it, but it's not my style.


--- Quote from: jhull87 on December 04, 2014, 07:21:04 PM ---I always found leather against the skin made me sweat more and "soaked" into the gun. How do you negate this or have you seen this problem? I assume your current carry holster is leather just going off that post?

--- End quote ---

If you conceal carry, you need to have an Under Armor type shirt next to your skin
first then the holster and gun. I wear UA or some type of shirt like this. Sports shops
have these also. Then I wear an sleeve type shirt and leave the tail out to cover the
CC. In summer I carry a XDs9 with a IWB holster and here in Northern Arizona in the
winter I carry a G23 usually covered by a coat or sweater.

Since I've had several people comment on my "leather against skin" comment, I wanted to tell you what my solution to the problem was. I carry a G19 as my EDC [now I probably carried something else at the start of this). I've learned 2 things since I joined this forum. Number 1, the right holster makes all the difference in the world. Number 2, people are idiots,  they don't know what you don't tell them.

Ok, so I started carrying my G19 as my EDC in a N82D or nate holster. It's pretty great. Leather for the gun side and sheepskin on the wearer's side. This is a tuckable holster and I've found that if I tuck my undershirt over the gun, I never get questioned. So even if my Polo comes up, the gun doesn't show, but it still prints. As I said before, if you don't say you carry, no one actually seems to notice.

As far as an undershirt between a holster and the weapon, I've also started carrying on the weekends in a kydex holster. Yes,yes,yes, an undershirt against the skin between the weapon and skin is a definite must.

    OT  When I first started to carry years ago I was at a barn sale and two 5 or 6 year old,s were looking at an air soft gun. When I looked at it I was surprised and said it looks just like my gun. One of the 6 year old's looked at me and right off pointed to my well concealed XD 40 and asked if that was my gun. I said no, it was my coalasipie bag. He ran over and asked his Dad what a coalsipie bag was and pointed to me. His Dad would not let the boys come near me while they were there.


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