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Oil Lady:
Dumb question: what is a shield?


--- Quote from: Oil Lady on July 12, 2014, 02:50:07 PM ---Dumb question: what is a shield?

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M&P Shield. A single stack medium compact semi-auto handgun.  I have the XD9 and a Shield and between the two of them, I'm very happy.  They shoot very similarly as far as trigger pull and where things are (mag release, point of aim, slide release, etc.), so I have no problem going back and forth between the two.  And I'm a huge crossbreed supertuck fan.  I have a leather for my XD9, and upgraded to horse on the shield.  Both work well, but there's just no reason not to upgrade to horse now that I've tried it.  Super comfortable and nice looking, too.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield as described above:

  In summer I carry my Walter P22 in the front left pocket. A pocket holster would make it better. On some slacks I can carry my Para LCD 45 in the same spot and it's easier to pull, but your belt must be tight, and you must examean the gun to make sure the mag did not pop out or the slide release is not backing out.  The over size mag release can get bumped in your pocket. I don't know what causes the slide release to back out. I just check it every time I carry the gun. When I do than I don't have any problems. I would not recomened the gun for this reason. I can live with it because it is one of the few guns I can still shoot the are concelable with a big hole. Most striker fires are to hard for me to pull the triger on with my left hand. The LCD is so smooth I can still do it in spite of my musle damage to my left hand.
  Back on topic Cross Breed is about the best out there in my mind. It has two points where it connects to the belt for both the IWB and outside the pants carry. This spreads the weight of the gun and is so importaint on IWB holsters.
  Nothing replaces a good belt and a waist smaller then mine so you still have hips.  ;D

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: armymars on July 13, 2014, 10:20:30 AM ---  In summer I carry my Walter P22 in the front left pocket.

--- End quote ---
A similar idea, I usually carry my Kel-Tec P3AT in a "wallet" holster in my back pocket.  The real wallet can be re-located about anywhere, usually into my other back pocket.  It's as comfortable as my regular wallet, and it's about as handy.


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