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Alarm System for a House

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I'm looking at ideas to provide a little more security at my house and was hoping to draw on some more experienced preppers for ideas.
My wife recently expressed concern that while upstairs we can't hear anything happening down near the back door of the house. It is possible someone could gain entry without us waking up. Our dog sleeps upstairs and doesn't always pickup when something is going on. I'd like to add a system of motion sensors and glass break sensors in the areas of concern to help alert us of something happening. We've already started adding motion sensor lights to the outside of the house and this summer I will be adding cameras and some thorny bushes below our windows. This will help deter but my biggest concern is being alerted while we're at home.

I've seen some inexpensive systems out there but was hoping to get some recommendations.
1) I'd like it to be wireless since I've just finished putting up the new drywall and painting throughout the house.
2) I'd like to be able to have an alarm panel up in our bedroom so we can be woken up if there is an event.
3) I'd like to be able to set a schedule so that the system shuts off around the time we wake up, but this is not critical since we would just work it into our morning habits.
4) I'd like glass break sensors in addition to motion sensing.
5) I don't want a monitored system like ADT or something.
6) Wireless antenna support - so I could extend the range of my receiver to some other areas of the property like the garage or work sheds. Not critical but would be nice.

There are a few systems that look nice and have smartphone integration that I've seen on but some of them might have more budget into flashy marketing rather than quality engineering. So what are you using and what do you wish you had known before buying?


Because of opsec reasons Im not going to tell everyone on the net what I have and how its set up. I will be glad to spell it out in a pm to you if you would like?

Z wanted sleighbells on the door for Christmas. I discovered that I can hear the bells when the door is being opened no matter how quietly you try to do it from even upstairs. They did not get put away after Christmas on purpose. It is not just for people coming in, but so I can hear is SP is trying to go outside too.


Joseph Seal:
There a ton of products that can do what you are looking to do. Check out and I work in the electronic security field and would love to recommend some products to you but most of the ones Im familer with are dealer only items so you would have a hard time obtaining them but Im sure there are some good diy products out there I just cant vouch for any because I dont have any experience with them. What you are looking to do is pretty basic though you just need an alarm panel with a wireless receiver and wireless repeater if you have a large property. For your bedroom you would either have a keypad or siren to alert you of an alarm condition both of which can be wireless and you would either arm the system in home mode meaning only perimeter sensors are active or you have it arm/disarm on your sleep schedule. I could be wrong but most of the systems your are going to find that work with a smartphone are going to require a monitoring service for that to work. Allthough an unmonitored system could still send you email or text alerts assuming you have internet.

I'm going to bump this back up. There are ton of new wireless options out there now.

I'm looking to update my system and want a DIY self monitored system. Any feedback on the likes of Simplysafe, Ring, Nest or any of the others out there would be greatly appreciated.



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