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I've been vandalized, dead rabbits, how do I respond now?

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Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: zeugirdor on December 30, 2015, 03:23:50 PM ---It's been a long time since I originally posted this but since returning to the forums, I was surprised that there were some requests for an update.

Firstly, my wife and I elected to put up some cameras and improve our home security situation and at the same time trying to take the target off of our backs by making our rabbit raising activities less obvious.  Overall we haven't had any further issues with this particular situation, but as things would have it, our improved security measures were effective in events that took place later on in the year (maybe a different thread for that one).

I've greatly improved our rabbit habitat and have found other ways to take advantage of the St. Augustine grass in the front with an old fashion mower with a catcher.  The rabbits don't like to eat the grass if it was caught in a bagging mower (I assume it's because the mower semi-mulches the blades) but they will eat what I cut with this thing like it is candy.  Our animals are all healthy and growing fast.  At peak (and by accident) I have had as many as 40 rabbits growing out at one time.  We are now enjoying 2 to 3 rabbit dinners a month.

--- End quote ---

I would like to see more of your pasture set up in the backyard, and hear the story on the security measures.

Glad things are working out!


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