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I've been vandalized, dead rabbits, how do I respond now?

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Here's the short question: Someone came up during the night and destroyed 7 of my meat rabbits.  There was not enough evidence to identify who did it.  How do I protect my animals moving forward?

Long story: After 2 years of ample meat production and success I've learned enough about producing meat rabbits that I've been able to drop the amount of feed that they require by various means, but the biggest success I had was when I redesigned their hutches to allow them to have access to the grass below their cages.  They were using a 25# sack of feed a week, and the supplemental feed they got from the grass dropped that to one sack a month.  The problem was that the population had finally gotten to where I wanted it and they had completely decimated my back yard (tractoring them around in their mobile hutches).  About two months ago I took the chance and put first one, then a second hutch into the front yard to take advantage of that potential feed, and everything was thriving. The manicured lawn took a hit wherever the hutches were but in three to four days it would bounce back and in a week's time you can't tell where the hutches were aside from the dark green pattern the newly fertilized grass made.  Neighbors took notice and complimented us time and time again on the cute decorations that we painted on the hutches to make them "front yard friendly." Every day children would come up to the hutches and coo about the cute bunnies etc. Two days ago we received a notice from animal control that we had been reported but that they had found no violations. I posted the notice on the hutch, with the words "No Violation" written large enough to see from the sidewalk. Yesterday we found all 7 rabbits systematically (arranged in nice and neat rows) destroyed in our front yard.

As I see it I could: 1)Capitulate and simply return to what I was doing previously, keeping them in my much more secure back yard and simply pay for more feed. This individual would have a difficult time getting to them in the back (if the act of killing was what they were after) with the high privacy fences. 2)Stand my ground and come up with a way to get evidence of who did it and find out what their issues with my rabbits are.  I've been of the mind that it's time for people like us to stand our ground (This far and no further.) However this was very upsetting for my children and while we were comfortable with the attention the rabbits in the front yard gave us initially, this type of attention has in fact made my wife feel unsafe in our very nice neighborhood.

I'd fight back...
Set up a game camera and see who it is. And then NAIL there ass!

I've had to do something like this with a neighbor kid that kept breaking into my house.
It worked...

Report it to animal control as well as the police department. Get documentation. Take photos before you move the rabbits, but I am afraid you already did.

Rabbits in the front yard will be a target for humans and animals alike. You might want to keep them out of sight. People are stupid in this world anymore and likely will 'never learn their lesson' and you will only lose more animals. I would also put out security cameras.

A high security fence doesn't always work. Z had a man climb into his backyard at 6 am one morning over a 7 feet solid fence "to see all the animals'. We chased him off by various means. But it was quite disturbing.

Good luck.


There is a story of an old farmer that had butched a hog and was hanging in his barn. Next day it came up missing. He never told anyone, not even his wife. A month later, his neighbor asked "hey, they ever find out who stole your hog". The farmer replied.. I just  did. Sometimes silence is golden.

imho....I would not give up my right to freedom of and use of my property just because someone doesn't like it. They violated the law to get you to conform to their wishes when the law did not do what they wanted. Keep them there and buy a means to record the activity around them.

Do not forget that people who do that to animals are just as likely to attack humans. Security for animals is one thing, security for humans is another. Police should definately be contacted. Cameras are nice, but it's been my experience that they only help after a crime has been committed. Personally I like good fencing with razor tape but that isn't for everyone.


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