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Sheepdogs MilSim (This is airsoft as a training tool)

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Last Saturday in Canaveral:

We're composed of about 15 like-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds and are pushing hard every week to be the top team in South Florida. :)

Check us out, show us some love. 8)

I can't believe no one has commented.  I guess people think shooting at paper is sufficient practice.  Oh well.

Eh, it's not for everyone I suppose. Truth be told, if I had land with a house and garage, I'd have a lot more prepping on my plate and a lot less airsoft. All I can really do in an apartment in Miami is keep my jeep full of fuel, my guns clean, and my BOB by the door.

Ohio Homesteading:
Wow, that looks like a lot of fun I wish we had kind of competition up here in Ohio.  I’m lucky to get 2 guys for one on one. I went by your FB page that’s a great profile pic. I also enjoyed the videos. 

I'm working on getting some of that set up on my 10 acres.  We're up in Sumter County, FL.  Too bad you guys are so far south.   :'(


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